Who? What? Huh? Hmmm.. Life can be confusing at times, but we’re here to help with any Ikon Next related questions!

Do you have a store I can visit?
Ikon-Next.com is an online store and has no physical store available for customers to visit.

Do you have a size guide?
Our size guide is available here

I need help with ordering. Is there someone I can contact?
One of our friendly Ikon Next will gladly help you out with your order! Check out the contact us section for more information.

What payments do you accept?
We accept the following forms of payment: Credit cards and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal and Ikon Next gift vouchers.

How do I know if the purchase I made was successful?
When you make a purchase with Ikon-Next.com, we will send you a confirmation email with the details. If you haven’t received a confirmation email within 24 hours of your purchase, please contact us.

I’ve made an order but have changed my mind. How can I change my order?
You need to be quick! If you want to change your order, contact us as soon as possible. We are pretty quick with processing and packing orders and your order can only be changed as long as your order has not already been shipped.

How do I cancel my order?
We are fairly quick with processing orders and ship as fast as possible so if you want to cancel your order, contact us as soon as possible! Your order can be cancelled as long as it hasn’t already been shipped.

I’ve received my order, but I am not happy with it. Can I exchange, refund or return the item?
We have options available for customers that are not satisfied with their Ikon Next purchase. For more information, read our return policy.

I have a Ikon Next voucher. How long is it valid for?
Ikon Next vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued.

Do I have to use my voucher in one transaction?
No, vouchers can be redeemed on Ikon-Next.com as full or part payment. If you use part of your voucher, the balance will update and you can use the remainder of your voucher on another purchase in the near future.

How do I make a complaint?
We take complaints seriously and will try to resolve any dispute as soon as possible! Customers wishing to complain are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible.

Still have a question we haven't answered? Get in touch with us here.

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